Mr. Liebman is the Managing Director of IPQ Analytics, LLC and Strategic Medicine, Inc. His research focuses on computational models of disease progression that stress risk detection, disease processes and clinical pathway modeling, and disease stratification from the clinical perspective. He is active in research into areas related to international and US addictive behaviors and their relationship to health and is analyzing and comparing the long experience across the EU in medical marijuana with the early stage activities in the US. In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology at Drexel College of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Drug Discovery, First Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and Fudan University School of Medicine. He serves on 14 scientific advisory boards and the Board of Directors of the Nathaniel Adamczyk Foundation in Pediatric ARDS and Innovene Pharmaceuticals Previously, Mr. Liebman was the Executive Director of the Windber Research Institute from 2003-2007. Prior to this, he was Director, Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics, University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center 2000-2003. He served as Global Head of Computational Genomics, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Director, Bioinformatics and Pharmacogenomics, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Director of Genomics for Vysis, Inc. He is a co-founder of Prosanos, Inc (now United BioSource) (2000).