Michelle Moleski

Director of Physician and Network Engagement

Michelle has over 20 years of corporate medical and pharmaceutical sales experience, with a focus physician outreach and consulting at organizations including Wyeth/Pfizer, Unilever, and United Health Group.  She currently manages the physician and community outreach efforts at Ilera healthcare, educating physicians and community stakeholders about the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, and Ilera Healthcare products. Michelle holds a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, where she completed the Honors Program.  She has a proven record in sales and relationship management. She is a longtime advocate for marijuana as medicine, and is passionate about ending the stigma related to marijuana use. As medical marijuana continues to earn its place as a legitimate therapeutic medical intervention in Pennsylvania and beyond, Michelle is excited to be on the forefront of continuing to build that bridge of acceptance via education and outreach.  Michelle resides in the Philadelphia area with her husband and four sons.


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