Pharmacist Spotlight: Dustin Lee, PharmD

by Jan 28, 2021Spotlight

To celebrate #NationalPharmacistDay (January 12), we’re spotlighting our amazing medical staff. Our dispensaries are known for emphasizing education and customer service for seniors, first-time dispensary visitors, and patients with serious medical conditions. To learn more or book a consultation with one of our pharmacists, visit

Dr. Dustin Lee received his pharmacy training at Thomas Jefferson University. After completing his residency at Option Care Health which specializes in home infusion services, he worked as an infusion pharmacist managing TPN’s, chemotherapies, antibiotics, and inotropic/vasodilator medications. Before becoming a pharmacist, Dustin worked as a pharmaceutical chemist at Lancaster Laboratory. Here he specialized in drug extraction and stability analysis with high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Dustin joined The Apothecarium to help with the opioid epidemic as he believes cannabis can be a safer alternative to opioid and benzodiazepine therapies. As a Medical Cannabis Clinical Pharmacist, he educates patients to use medicines in a safe and controlled manner. He enjoys reading peer reviewed clinical trials on medical cannabis to provided clinical recommendations. Dustin currently practices at The Apothecarium Dispensary in Thorndale and Lancaster.


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