Canna Talk: PTSD – Interview with a Veteran

by Nov 30, 2020Education

As cannabis continues to enter the forefront of society, many groups are coming out in support. One such group are our Veterans. Veterans, while being known as strong, fearless warriors; can also end up suffering from PTSD because of the horrors they’ve experienced during their service to our country. November 11th is Veterans Day and in honor of that special day, I wanted to interview a member of our Ilera Healthcare family, Christian Ryan.

Christian is a 33-year-old father of four and a Veteran of the United States Army serving eight years. Christian is Ilera Healthcare’s supreme Customer Service Manager and Photographer and works out of the Ilera grow facility. Christian advocates for both medical and recreational marijuana and is affiliated with various pro-cannabis Veterans groups around the nation and Canada such as; Gaff House Canada, Balanced Veterans US and Veterans for Healing International. Christian’s primary focus and goal at Ilera Healthcare is to provide patients that suffers from PTSD an alternative to the traditional pharmaceuticals that are often utilized for treatment. His vision led to the creation and development of the Ilera Freedom blend which is a formulation designed to help treat patients that suffers from PTSD.

Question #1

What was your rank and your job responsibilities while you served?

I was an E-5 and my job responsibilities were a 19K Abrams tank crewman for 4 years and a 68W Medic for 4 years.

Question #2

What medical issues did you develop after you were discharged from the military?

I suffered from PTSD, anxiety, depression and herniated disks in my back.

Question #3

What prescription medications have you used in the past?

I’ve taken Venlafaxine, buspirone, Wellbutrin, Lithium, Zoloft, Topamax, Bupropion and Isocarboxazid.

Question #4

Are you currently taking any prescription medications, or have you stopped using them?

I have recently stopped taking all medication due to their side effects and my heart. During most of my time taking different medications I felt very much not myself. At times I felt I was really losing my mind. I was not able to control emotions, or I simply would not have emotions. Some medications made me less productive, wouldn’t allow me to practice mindfulness or deal with issues because either they were so suppressed. I didn’t feel anything, or I would have anger outbursts, racing thoughts or I would have loop back scenarios of things that happened to me like a 10 second movie that never stopped repeating. It was very hard for me to explore myself, my issues and process things that I did or experienced.

Question #5

How long have you been using cannabis to treat your medical issues?

4 years

Question #6

What benefits have you found using cannabis to treat your medical issues?

Cannabis in conjunction with mindfulness, meditation and helping other veterans deal with their issues has helped me understand, process and come to terms with my PTSD. It has enabled me to better understand myself and others all while maintaining a good work ethic as well as being more present for my family because I’m not so mindlessly drugged. I have used and still use cannabis to meditate and process emotions. Cannabis has enabled me to feel the bad and the good while accepting both as a part of my life and something I shouldn’t look down on myself for. Without cannabis I would still be living off my VA disability literally locked and bared away in my bedroom. I would bar my front door to my apartment, bar and lock the door to my bedroom with a pistol on the nightstand and not leave but to eat and go to the bathroom. I was away from the outside world that I could not process because I couldn’t process myself. I was afraid of myself and others. Without cannabis, I’d be locked away to this day.


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