Cannabis Dosing in Children

by May 22, 2020Education

More parents are searching for an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medications for their children with epilepsy, autism, anxiety, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Their search has them exploring the benefits of medical marijuana. Stories and documentaries have been around for years on how CBD can help decrease seizure activity. In more recent years, it’s being discovered how both THC and/or CBD can help children who suffer from autism, anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome as well.

While studies have shown that CBD can benefit children who suffer from epilepsy, it’s the THC portion of the cannabis plant that seems to provide the most relief to many children with autism and Tourette’s Syndrome. CBD has also shown great benefit when it comes to decreasing anxiety symptoms. Although there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to dosing and what might work well for one child might not work for another, dosing is still a trial and error type of process.

There are some concerns with children utilizing medical marijuana and one is the fear that they may become addicted. Cannabis has an addiction rate similar to caffeine, which is far less than many mainstream pharmaceuticals. How a child is going to take the medication is also a concern. With all the various forms of consumption available these days, tinctures, and solutions along with capsules are the most popular forms for children. Another concern is side effects. When dosed appropriately, medical marijuana can be effective with minimal to no side effects.

Much is still unknown as cannabis remains a Schedule I drug and extensive, in-depth studies are still restricted under the current federal guidelines. Even with the limited available research, many families are finding success with medical marijuana for their children with the benefits far outweighing the potential risks.


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