Combating an Increasing Tolerance

by Jan 29, 2020Education

As more of our patients are consuming cannabis on a regular basis, a common issue seems to be arising – TOLERANCE. When consuming marijuana, THC activates the CB1 receptors in the brain, which, in turn abnormally increases the CB1 activity. Over time, as those receptors are activated, the brain tries to preserve and minimize the increase in CB1 receptor activity. This in turn, results in the patient building up a tolerance and requiring more medication to achieve the same effects as before.

A couple of measures can be taken in order to minimize a patient’s tolerance level. One measure is to incorporate CBD into the patient’s regimen. CBD will help minimize those CB1 receptors from being overly stimulated, thus taking longer for a tolerance to be produced. Another measure is a tolerance break. A tolerance break is a period of time, maybe a few days to a couple of weeks, that a patient doesn’t consume any marijuana. During a tolerance break, the CB1 receptors have a chance to reset and recover and your body has a chance to flush out the cannabinoids that have built up over time.

Whether it’s incorporating CBD into one’s treatment or planning a tolerance break into your regular routine, trying to minimize an increasing tolerance can always be a challenge. Being aware of your existing tolerance level is the key to maximizing your medication.


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